What Is The Focal Prism?

What is the Focal Prism?
Written By Victor Modlinski

After working for so many years in the photo and video industry, I had accumulated a large amount of images and footage that I wished to publish online. I owned another website I launched in 1997, called The Outernet Web at It was an arts and entertainment website with my original content and content from other providers.

The Outernet Web name and purpose became obsolete in my mind, and I needed something with a new name that would feature only my work. The Outernet Web site still exists today but all of the page links forward you to the new website.

The new website would become the photo and video showcase I have been looking for all long. It would need to have an appropriate name to reflect the nature of the site, while continuing to host the vintage content that made the old site so popular.

During this naming quest, I spent many hours and days trying to come up with a new, catchy web domain name. It had to be short and easy to remember, unlike the old site.

So I turned to my knowledge of cameras and their internal components in order to come up with the new name. Below is an illustration of a typical SLR (Single Lens Reflex) Camera showing the various internal parts and how they work together in order to record images to film or a digital sensor used in today's modern cameras.

I ended up using the parts known as the image plane, focal plane shutter and the pentaprism to come up with the name.

The focal plane shutter is the device that lifts the mirror when the photo is taken and is recorded onto the media sitting in the path of the image plane.

The pentaprism is the glass prism used to flip the image coming in through the lense to provide a rightside up view in the viewfinder for the photographer.

Using a combination of these, I came up with the name Focal Prism and a new website was born at

I hope that you enjoy what I have created, because there is so much more to come!

Let me know what you think at

Thank you!