Page Last Updated On May 28, 2023

May 31, 2023 - The More: Online

Oh Shit... it's Monday!


May 30, 2023 - The More: Online

I went to get a car wash... and got the best hand job in town!


May 29, 2023 - The More: Online

Yes, ...and the horse he rode in on!


May 28, 2023 - The More: Online
Gaze Wine Cocktail and Mrs. Meyer Hand Soup

It comes in "Assorted Varieties", why does that not surprise me?

From what I saw, it was selling just as good as Bud Light!

What flavor of "Hand Soup" is your favorite?

For me its always the "Assorted Varieties" that make my mouth water!


May 27, 2023 - The More: Online
Baby on Board and HOE

Back in my day it was "Baby on Board".

This is what "cultural diversity" has done to our culture.

... and this one openly identifies as a "HOE".

Oh, What a Wonderful World...

May 26, 2023 - The More: Online
Moron in our Midst

God must really love morons... he made so many of them!


May 25, 2023 - The More: Online
Launch Date

The More: Online will try and illustrate the foolishness of everyday life! We will attempt to highlight the daily stupidity and ignorance we live with and don't even give a second thought about.

Well, the time for that has come to an end right here, right now. So stay tuned to this page and we will open your eyes to things that most people do not pay attention to and just take for granted as the norm.

Starting off... if you are a driver, have you ever noticed how many cars on the road are non-American made? So many made in Japan, Korea and other foreign lands. Real Americans buy American made cars and products. Why do you think our economy sucks so much? Everyone is buying foreign made products and cars and that money goes out of our pockets and into the pockets of the foreign manufacturers.

So the next time you are out for a drive, please mentally note just how many cars around you are foreign made. You will really be surprised.

Plus, if you are a jackass that owns a foreign car, you are part of the problem!

I know, foreign cars are cheaper to buy, but why sell-out your country to save a few bucks and contribute to the economic downfall of American manufacturing. Think twice before buying that Japanese or Korean made automobile. You just might save an American manufacturing job.

Think about it... is that cheap Japanese car really that great of a deal?

Buy American made cars and keep American money in America.


God Bless America!