At Navy Pier and Soldier Field.
From 1978 to 1983.

Written and Compiled By Victor Modlinski

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Photo By Victor Modlinski

ChicagoFest was the biggest and greatest music festival ever held in the City of Chicago. From its run at Navy Pier from 1978 to 1982 to its final demise at Soldier Field in 1983, ChicagoFest offered hundreds of major music acts and a wide variety of entertainment choices and genres of music, along with the best in local Chicago cuisine.

I was truly fortunate to experience ChicagoFest first hand and through the lens of my camera.

I fine tuned my photographic skills at ChicagoFest, as I was challenged to compensate for all of the crazy situations I encountered. Differences in lighting conditions, difficult locations, unbearable heat, intoxicated individuals and battling with the maddening crowds were just part of what I dealt with to bring these images here today.

It was a long time ago, but I still remember like it happened yesterday. It was a labor of love for me all those years and I hope everyone enjoys what I captured at this awesome festival.

Unfortunately, like all good things in life, they come to an end. ChicagoFest was ended in 1983 by Mayor Harold Washington and was replaced by the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park.

This site is dedicated to the memory of Gregory F. Braun.


ChicagoFest Years & Dates
Years and Dates of ChicagoFest.

Photo By Victor Modlinski

ChicagoFest 1983.
Held at Soldier Field.
From August 10th to 14th
and August 18th to 22nd.

ChicagoFest 1982.
Held at Navy Pier.
From August 4th to August 15th.

ChicagoFest 1981.
Held at Navy Pier.
From July 29th to August 9th.

ChicagoFest 1980.
Held at Navy Pier.
From August 1st to August 17th.

ChicagoFest 1979.
Held at Navy Pier.
From August 3rd to August 12th.

ChicagoFest 1978.
Held at Navy Pier,
From August 4th to August 13th.


ChicagoFest Performers
Photos By Victor Modlinski

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

During the six year run of ChicagoFest from 1978 to 1983, I attended many individual concerts and put together quite a collection of images of the performers I was able to photograph and enjoy.

ChicagoFest had no prohibition on cameras or recording devices. Yet, there were no digital media recorders, cell phones or the Internet during this time. All my photography was done the old fashioned way using color 35mm film, multiple SLR cameras, flashes and all of the related attachments to get the photos you see here.

Not only was the photo equipment of the day heavy and cumbersome, you had to carry all of it and navigate through huge crowds to get to the right spot for the best photos. I was able to handle all of this back then by drinking a lot of beers and just blending in with the crowd. I had a lot of fun in the process, let me tell you!

I hope you enjoy all of the ChicagoFest performers that I was able to photograph during my times at the 'Fest.


ChicagoFest People and Places
Photos By Victor Modlinski

What made ChicagoFest so much fun was the music, the beer and the food.

But what was truly enjoyable was the people I met during my photographic excursions to ChicagoFest. A camera is a great icebreaker with people. I would always try to get as many people photos as I could along with the many cool locations that made ChicagoFest unique.

Over the six years that I covered ChicagoFest, I never had any problems with anyone at Navy Pier or Soldier Field. A cold beer was the best way to calm a tense situation, plus you just might end up partying with the person you just had an issue with.

That was ChicagoFest... nobody fought, caused trouble or killed anyone like they do today.

I really miss ChicagoFest... because everyone was there to have fun, drink some beers, eat some great local food, and listen to some music while enjoying the day.

I hope you enjoy all the people and places from ChicagoFest.


ChicagoFest Artifacts.
What's left of the 'Fest after all these years.

Photo By Victor Modlinski

- Collectibles From ChicagoFest.

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